Have you ever looked at your list of “To Do’s” and thought “I’ll never be able to get all this done!!” You sit down and are determined to focus on one thing. One thing you think is important. It has to get done! It’s a priority. BUT you find yourself not able to even get started on it. Frustration and anxiety seem to be running the show. You can’t even do the one thing that is a priority. 

What do you do??

I had a day like this not too long ago. I was supposed to be working on some things for The MOM Box. Several of us would meet on ZOOM and work on our own projects but in the presence of each other. So much more fun to work when you have friends. That day, Life was running at me like a freight train. 

Have you ever had a "freight train moment?" 

My list of “To Do’s” was so long I hadn’t even written it down. They were all running around in my head like a bunch of kids under a busted pinata. I felt the tears forming and my voice quivering when my friend asked, “what was wrong?” I kept taking deep breaths and blowing them out in an attempt to keep control of my emotions. It was barely working.

I was OVERWHELMED!! If I didn’t formulate a plan to handle all of this, I was on the fast track to an anxiety attack. (See what I did there? Freight train… fast track. LOL) My friend recognized what was happening and talked me down off of my cliff. 

We created a plan. I brain dumped all the things I needed to do that day. Or at least, I thought I needed to do that day. I recognized that several were quick and easy things I could knock out in a short amount of time. 

One thing I know about myself is if I can cross things off my To-Do list, I feel accomplished. 
If I feel accomplished, I feel confident. 
If I feel confident, the anxiety goes away. 

My plan was to cross off a bunch of those easy things and then look at the bigger and more complex items on the list. First things first, do the easy things. Each time I came back to the list and crossed off one of my To-Do’s, I felt a bit lighter.  That freight train slowed and I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 
I felt happy. 
I felt accomplished and my confidence was returning. Finally, I could do the bigger things on my list. I don’t even remember what those bigger things were but I can guarantee they had something to do with using "new to me" technology. 

Being overwhelmed is not on my bucket list and I'm sure it isn't on yours either. So how do we avoid the freight train of overwhelm?

First, make a list of your To-Do's. Write them down so you can see them. When you see them, it helps your brain to process and prioritize in a more constructive manner.
Second, work your list in a way that gives YOU confidence. I know that I like doing the small projects first but maybe you would gain from doing a big project first. 
Finally, celebrate what you accomplished! -Angie