Five minutes of peace for Mom

5- Minutes of peace for Mom
Set a 5-minute timer and meditate. 
That can be so daunting. I know.

Just to think about not thinking about anything makes my mind think about so much stuff that needs to be thought about. Tell me I'm not the only one. You too?? LOL The first time I did this was during a Yoga class and it seemed like an eternity!!

Mommas it's ok, it takes practice to turn our brains off for a minute or five.  It's time to practice. Those 5-minutes will probably feel like 20 or even 30 minutes the first few times you try this exercise. Find a calming song or two to play to help calm your mind. Focus on one word- peace, hope, love are some I've used.

It takes practice. BUT on the other side of those 5-minutes your brain will feel clearer, calmer and your heart fuller.

Smile knowing you just accomplished something... You sat still for 5 minutes.
Congratulations momma!!