Achoo!! Seasonal allergies have you miserable??

I never had any allergies till I moved to Texas and I know I'm not the only one. I bet you have tried multiple prescriptions, all the over-the-counter meds and any home remedy offered to you. UGH!! And none of them ever really worked or they put me to sleep.

This is why I must share with you these little pills that smell like rabbit food. LOL But ladies and gentlemen, they work! Let me introduce...
ClearGuard™ so you can breathe!!

ClearGuard™ By Nutrilite™ is a targeted supplement with a natural formula that help support clear nasal passages in three days or less. It's a unique blend of natural ingredients from acerola cherries, cinnamon, and Spanish needles.
Suitable for vegetarian use.
No added artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Say what... LOVE THIS!!

Here is a link for you to order your own to have on hand when Cedar Fever strikes or the Oaks and grasses are blooming.,JohnandAngie?