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A Unique Subscription Box

The Moms Behind MOM Box

We're Marion and Angie: boy moms, entrepreneurs, and business besties. With 44 combined years of mom life experience, we know that moms need to prioritize themselves. We know how exhausting and exciting the mom life can be; so together, we created "The MOM Box" just for you.

The Recipe for MOM Success

The MOM Box is a gift box unlike all the others. We intentionally select each product to be part of your MOM Box experience, guiding you to have a quiet mom moment to fill your OWN cup and replenish your heart.

A Curated Box Just for Moms

We hand pick items for every gift box to create a complete experience. By teaming up with other moms that have their own small business, we can give you the best experience every time a box arrives on your doorstep.

It's more than a box!

We carefully choose each product for your MOM Box experience.

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"Love your neighbor as yourself." Mt 22:39


"I was blessed yesterday with this awesome MOM Box. Thank you Samantha and to everyone that took part in this. ❤️❤️ I absolutely loved everything!! 😊"

Rebecca J.

"This is BRILLIANT! I love this so much! This is so unique. I love it! This is so my JAM! GENIUS, this is way more useful than a F_b, F_t, F_n box."

Karna A.

What a great idea for moms who need a recharge!

Ripleigh D.

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